Oversized Recycled Wool Herringbone Blanket


The coziest blankets for your sustainable home.  Woven from 70% Recycled Wool, 30% Mixed Recycled Fibers that have been saved from the landfill.  Dense twill weave for warmth and durability and a brushed surface for extra softness. 

Oversized - 69" x 98" / 175cm x 250cm.

From Tartan Blanket Co.  Designed in Scotland.  Made in India at a family-run mill that uses 100% recycled materials and supports a community of women who hand finish these wool blankets.

Machine wash cold, delicate or wool cycle. Lay flat to dry.

Why we love wool:  Wool is a 100% natural fiber that is naturally breathable, odor & stain resistant, completely renewable, and biodegradable at the end of its long life.

Our blankets are crafted with pre-loved fibers which may result in slight variances in color, pattern, and size and are not considered defects.  Please check sizes before ordering. 

Ships from Hamilton, ON.  Free local pickup available.

 All sales are final.


Our most cherished objects carry personal meaning and add unique character to our home. Part of this is due to their timeless quality, designed to last through the ages—the perfect model of sustainability. Buying vintage is one way to reduce your footprint, keep items out of landfills and engage in the cyclical economy. At Woven Kin, we source all of our products with an eye to craftsmanship and quality and focus on low-impact packaging and practices wherever possible.

Many modern day machine-made rugs contain plastics and off-gas toxic chemicals into our homes. These rugs are often difficult to clean and repair and frequently end up in landfills, taking thousands of years to break down. Vintage handmade rugs such as ours are made with wool, cotton, and natural dyes that are extremely durable, repairable, and are literally made to last lifetimes. When they finally reach the end of their lifecycle, these completely organic rugs will decompose in a relatively short time.

Vintage rugs are crafted to be durable and surprisingly easy to care for. With proper care your Woven Kin rug will last for many, many years to come.  

Rug Pads:

Using a rug pad with your vintage rug will extend its life and provide extra traction and protection for your floors. We recommend our Non-Slip Low Profile Eco Rug Pad made from recycled felt and non-slip TPR backing for maximum versatility & superior floor protection.  



We recommend vacuuming your rug regularly to keep dirt from getting embedded and damaging the fibers over time. For best results, vacuum front and back side of rug, from side to side, avoiding fringes.  

For small spills, blot with a dry cloth immediately to remove as much of the mess as possible, then repeat with a damp cloth if necessary. Use water and mild detergent and/or white vinegar for tougher spots, blotting gently.

Rugs might need a deeper clean every few years or so. For smaller rugs, you can hand wash with a mild detergent and cold water (be sure to spot test first for colorfastness). Remove as much excess water as possible and lay flat in a warm, sunny spot to dry. It is important to rinse well to remove all soap and dry the rug thoroughly before using.

For larger rugs or tougher messes, it is best to take your rug to a professional who specializes in cleaning fine antique rugs. Never dry clean or steam clean your rug.

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Recycled Wool Blankets

These blankets are so fabulous, I now have 2! They are thick and plush and warm and gorgeous. I even bought a third to gift to a friend. The packaging is even gorgeous…I saved the beautiful paper card, I love it so much.

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